A new broom sweeps clean

ZHORA: A new chief came to the precinct yesterday, Aunt Hanna asked me to tell you...

BENYA: I knew about this the day before yesterday. Next...

ZHORA: The chief gathered everyone at the precinct and gave a speech...

BENYA: A new broom sweeps clean.

ALL: A new broom sweeps clean.

BENYA: (Spoken) He wants a round-up. Next...

ZHORA: King, do you know when the round-up will be?

BENYA: It will be tomorrow.

ZHORA: King, it will be today.

BENYA: (Spoken) Boy, who told you so?

ZHORA: Aunt Hanna said so. Do you know Aunt Hanna?

BENYA: I know Aunt Hanna. Next...

ZHORA: The chief gathered the precinct and gave them a speech.

“We need to choke Benya Krik,

Because when you have his Majesty the Czar, you can’t have a king too.”

Today, when Krik gives away his sister in marriage, and they will all be there is when we raid...»


ZHORA: Then the cops began to get worried. They said:

“If we raid them today, during his feast, Benya will get angry, and a lot of blood will flow.”

But the chief said: “Our self respect is more important to me”

BENYA: Good, you can go

ZHORA: What do I tell Aunt Hanna about the raid?

BENYA: Tell her, Benya, he knows from the raid.

A new broom sweeps clean.

ALL: A new broom sweeps clean...!

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