Free Love

Walking down his road is getting old and I’m lonely
Time is on my side, I hope I’ll find, milk and honey
Maybe I’ll meet you and feel something new, cause I’m only
Here to call you dear, and lend my ear, never be lonely

You got to bring yourself to me, cause my love is free

Wonder where you are, I walk so far, such a long way
If you could have seen, where I’ve been, I’ve had such a long day
Seen so many things that life can bring, and him hoping
That being with you, I feel something true, you’re gonna show me

Still walking this road, but I find gold, when I met you
Love is on my side, I found my stride, never gonna feel blue
Darkness is all gone, I’ll sing my song, and you hear me
Whisper in your ear girl don’t you fear, you’ll never be lonely