I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart (feat. Allan Kingdom)

Those street lights are changing
As new waves of sorrow enter the night
And concrete walls can sing
All of the times we raged in fright

Can you face the facts or are you ignoring
What we’ve become
And I’ll walk in silence until I have found
What needs to be done

But I don’t want to break your heart
It’s hard enough that we’re apart
All I can say is your name
What we had could not be tamed

And we can fight all we want
The sun is setting on our love
And I can’t take another lie
So for now I’ll say goodbye

I can recall all of the times
That I’ve waited for you
Just give me a sign that you want to hear
What we are going through

And those walls keep our secrets
And they’re ignoring what we’ve become
Just walk out in silence I think we’ve found
What needs to be done

I told my bae it’s her life
And she the freshest for getting me
Told her goodbye, because this ride
Could get dirty yea
I couldn’t lie I keep my message like 3rd degree
Burn you inside, ain’t wanna fire my lady yea
Wait till I’m 88 then I’ll have the key
Thinkin back on my shorty, and realize it’s for me
I leave the date then I radiate, I’m young and I’m free
Thinkin back can’t be sorry, I love you best when I leave
Aw boo