Cast Away

Cast away the shadows of your heart
If you’re always aiming for a better part
In this play that punctuates your life, your goals
You think you know, you’re down below

And you’ve kept your distances from me
Carried on with all your fears that set you free
But at night you change into the darkest swan
With all its fears, you’ve come undone

And I don’t know if you’ve been hurt before
And all the scars your bare are from a previous war
But if it’s fear of love that keeps you out of open arms
Then I will leave the lights on any trail to come
And you will find your way in any given storm

I remember walking you to hell
When you asked the man for one last mission bell
And I followed until the darkness came
I felt so lost, you were my cause

So I’ll ask again and again
Why the courage left when you numbed the pain
Was I ever part of what you called your plan
I felt so lost that I left your cause