She’s a dope smokin’ friend of jesus…she got talents that are more than pleasin’
She won’t be happy till your on your knees and your beggin for a little sweet reprise
If you find you’ve got a little time…come on over and she’ll read your lines
Even if a single word ain’t true…she’ll have you dreamin’bout diamonds and shoes
Once she told me …once she said, stop listening to the voices in your head
Stop your whining and undermining…just get yourself out of bed

Everybody calls her wildflower…she only charges a couple dollars an hour
When you get a little taste of her power
She’ll have you jumpin’ from your ivory tower
She’s a gut bucket ballroom crier…the only one that can take you higher
On the skins, acoustic or wired…she’ll have you burnin’ like a funeral pyre

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