Spoil Me Up

I’m on my way gotta get back sometime today
Cause my baby he’s waiting gonna spoil me up he says
With each step that I’m taking, bringing me closer to you
My hearts a pumpin’ and my lips they a shiver
Cause I know baby what we’re gonna do

Love me once, love me twice
Take your time baby, that sure feels nice
There’s a one thing that you’ve got to do
Is start all over baby when your through

I believe in love, it’s the sweetest thing, since you came along
I didn’t know where and I didn’t know how
But here you are making it real somehow

You keep me comin’ back for more, I need it everyday
The slightest touch from your fingertips
This ain’t no school girl crush
Baby please, baby please, I’m feeling weak weak in the knees
When you whisper in my ear so sweet, that you love my peaches and cream