Let Me Go

Is it me that makes you,baby,baby bitter blue
I don’t want you thinking that i belong to you


I don’t mind being lonely,i don’t mind you coming round
But i don’t wanna talk about your feelings for me

Is it me that your blameing for all your broken dreams
I ain’t got the time, for all your wild and crazy schemes
Fuelled by your sweet misery
There was a time when i thought i loved you
But there were things that i just didn’t know
Now the time for talkings over baby…you just got to let me go

Seems to me your trying to hold on to something
We both know was so wrong…your living a lie baby one you can not deny
With or without me now, you’re the kind of man that can never be satisfied
You can’t make me love you baby…there ain’t no way, you’ve got to let me go

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