Hold On Tight… Mr. I’m Alright

You drag me in at 5 am, excpeting toast and tea
Something don’t feel right here, is there something I don’t see
I’ve been here one time, is what I feel for real
Well if you’ve got a mandate baby maybe we can make a deal

I got what you want baby, better hold on tight, Mr. I’m alright

You come on without warning, like a krokus in the spring
Full of fire and glory, like a boy who’s got to win
Well i’ve got rocks for rollin’ and I’ve got rocks for walls
If you get on out your hammer baby we can watch’em tumble and fall

Well there’s a one thing that you’ve got to know my dear
You need to hold on tigh now cause I’m gonna make it real
And if you’ve got the honey honey, I’ve got the time
Better hold on tight cause I’m gonna make you mine

You pick and chose your numbers for a game you’ll never win
You gotta wipe that shit right off your shoes and baby come on in
You wanna walk and talk too much, about things you’ll never do
How about we stop the talkin’ baby and we get to gettin’ it on me and you