All The Way

You got a woman that loves you all night and cares for you everyday
Why don’t you treat her with love and respect
Well you know that’s the only way
Stop your lying and cheating and running around
Everybody knows your gonna bring her down
You got a woman that be loving you all the way

You got a man like a prize race horse, trotting up and down the line
Spending all his money trying to keep you happy
All the while ignoring your whine
He won’t be fooled, if it’s not real
Everybody knows your gonna disappear
You got a man that be loving you all the way

People keep talking bout trying to find the one
That will love them and treat’em right
Always looking for that big man money
And the girls with the dresses tight
When it’s right in your face and you still can’t take
The warm loving arms of someone’s sweet embrace
Stop looking for the money and the honey, buddy right away

I know a good man that’s got a good woman
And he let’s her know everyday
She’s got a heart filled with love and devotion
And she’ll never let him get away
Hold on tight, don’t be blind everybody knows good lovin’s hard to find
I’ve got a good man that’s loving me all the way