Ever, Ever and Ever

I love you so dearly,
I will always love you.
I know that’s the truth.
I’m sure you know what I mean…
Seeing you once in a while
That’s make me want to live some more
Ever, ever, and ever.

Oh, I miss you so much!
We don’t live together.
I miss touching you…
Talking to you once a while
This is make me feel so good
To continue my road alone
Ever, ever and ever.

When I look at the trees
They remind me your name
And your strength.
When I look at the sun,
I see your freedom fly,
In the sky.
When I think of our past,
Hope we’ ll liv’ together
Very soon!

Since we’re separate by life,
Often, I think of you.
I dream about you.
So, everywhere I travel,
Our spirits make only one
And, I carry your heart with me 2X
Ever, ever and ever.