Moths In The Mittens

Geraldine cleans
Billy Bob swabs
Jeremy irons
And Sophie sews

And in the long days of summer
You’ll find
There are moths
In the mittens

The donkeys bray
The puppies whine
Chickadees chirp
And the church bells chime

The sheep will bleat
The turkey lurks
The pig pigs out
And the rooster’s loose!

The sink will wink
The spout will pout
The pipe will gripe
And the bath will laugh

The drip will drop
The hip will hop
The ship will shop
For a brand new sail

The bug will lug
The slug will rub
The grub will scrub
And a rub a dub dub

The chickens cluck
The ducks will dive
The bees will swarm
And the corn is sweet

The geese will gaggle
The girls will giggle
The guys will goggle
When they see Marie

The tic tac toes
The hopscotch hops
The seesaw sees
And the bing bang booms