Sleep Tight My Love

Sleep tight, my love, the wind is here
To keep you safe outside till dawn
For horse and ducky, sleep is near
As the nest sways, birdie will yawn
And in the mansion of your ear
A spinning wheel will soon appear
It weaves dreams that you can keep
Of golden sheep

Sleep tight, you know the city’s there
In open fields where trees belong
The night is young, yet wise and fair
The wolf is far, the wind is strong
A train goes by, the owl stares
A sailing ship appears out there
The port is safe, the water’s deep
Just take a leap

You can sleep tight now, all is well
It’s in this moment that we know
The secrets that time will tell
Only your dreams will make it so
Sleep now, the clock will oversee
The honey harvest of the bee
Bear in a tree, curled in a heap
A forest deep