Sarah Pipkin’s Pimple

The recital was just lovely
Everyone in town was there
There were bow ties, there were crinolines
And music in the air
And the orchestra was brilliant
And the thing that stole the show
Was the bloated round protrusion
On a little Pipkin nose

Have you seen it?
Have you set your eyes upon it?
It is hideously bulbous
No it’s not a pretty dimple
Have you seen it?
It is really quite amazing
Have you spotted little Sarah Pipkin’s pimple?

“It won’t last,” her mother said
“I want it gone now!” Sarah hissed
So they made a quick appointment
With a dermatologist
As the doctor poked and prodded saying,
“What do we have here?
“Well,” the pimple simply stated,
“I’m a zit. That much is clear”

It could talk! It was prodigious
And its face was kind of cute
And its views on global issues
Were astoundingly astute
So the TV crews descended
People came from miles around
And the pustulent protuberance
Soon became world renowned

But not everybody loved it
“It’s grotesque” some did say
It simply stated, “You would not say that
Had you been born this way”
But its words were so enlightening
And they were noted quote for quote
Then one day, it simply vanished
And it left a farewell note

Adieu, adieu, my dear admirers
You’ve been great, you’ve filled my cup
But there’s a time and place for everything
And well, my time is up
But I hope you’ve learned a lesson
From this small tumescent mound
That in every living creature
There is beauty to be found

Had you seen it?
Had you set your eyes upon it?
It was clever, it sang showtunes
And its message was so simple
Had you seen it?
It was really quite amazing
We will never forget Sarah Pipkin’s pimple

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