Frederic’s Wooden Spoon

Frederic’s wooden spoon
Was a magical thing
Frederic’s wooden spoon

Frederic’s wooden spoon
Oh, the magic you see
Comes from the tree
From whence it came

Oh, it followed him everywhere Frederic went
Back pocket or pack sack, its handle was bent
But he loved and admired that big wooden spoon
Every night in his bed by the light of the moon

Yes, the wooden spoon had a fine story to tell
Of forests in Holland where many birds dwell
You see, Chopin himself wrote a piece in the shade
Of the tree from which Frederic’s spoon was made

Tweet tweet… tweet tweet…
Was the song Chopin heard
Sung by a bird
Perched right above him
Tweet tweet… tweet tweet…
In the shade of a tree
From which would be
Made Frederic’s spoon

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