Dogs, Cats, Frogs, Frying Pans And Snakes

Dogs, cats, frogs
Frying pans and snakes

Four snakes sitting in the sun
Had an argument one day
Just as Frederic Pipkin’s cello
Was about to play
It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t pretty
Frankly, it was kind of silly
When they all began to hiss
It sounded something like this

The first snake said to the second,
“You’ve got a funny looking tail
It’s bent and crooked
Makes me laugh, it makes me wail!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
“How can you talk to me that way?
That’s not a very nice thing to say!
We snakes should cherish one another
Like a sister, like a brother!

“Words can hurt” the third chimed in
“Like sticks and stones on slimy skin
Our friend may shed a tear or two
I’d shed my skin if I were you!
The fourth snake said, “To me it seems
You’re like three slithering drama queens
Now just sit back, enjoy the sun
Hey, playing cello is really fun!

As they hissed and sputtered, because snakes can
Like bacon in a frying pan
Frederic Pipkin struck the bow
On that unfortunate cello
I saw it all, yeah I was there
The cello gleamed in the sun’s glare
The dogs and cats and frogs agreed
Snakes are one strange and crazy breed

Well I try and I try
But I just can’t seem to get it
But you know I just won’t let it
Get me down