What You Like

The kids are busy in the playground
The bathroom’s clean, the seat is down
We’ve got fresh daisies on the counter, I’m cooking dinner
It’s S-A-T-C on the TV
Red wine and chocolate are healthy
You’re on the phone now with your sister, she’s coming over
When You can’t be found, when it’s quiet all around
When you’re bathing in the candle light at night
All your sorrow is now gone, in our bright new light
I wrote a song about what you like
All your worries disappeared, and the sky has cleared
I wrote a song about what you like
I can’t go wrong with what you like
Your butt looks perfect in those jeans
The weather’s been good to your hair
Life ain’t as hard as it seems when I am there
When you can’t be found, when there’s no one all around
All the love is pilling up somehow somewhere
My Love, our love will prevail deep down inside