Drinking Alone

Singing songs about the weather
Or just how much I love her
Rhymy lyrics don’t mean anything
The kind of poet that would drink her
A story with no future
The kind of man that don’t make the telephone ring
When you need to talk about it
The game is on or the timing’s wrong
And so you, wrote about it
And now I’ve turned it into a song
If I could see a little clearer, i would have listen to her
I would have understood
If I had given ears to her heart
If I didn’t think I was so smart
I would have friends in the neighborhood
I wouldn’t be drinking alone
There is sentimental value
So when I think about you
I feel as if I am the plateau king
When all else fails I know you’re number
I’ll drink and call you later
I’ll tell you stuff that I really think is bling
Cause when I need to, talk about shit
I wanna know that it all gets through
I guess I am an, alcoholic
I’d run away If I were you
I think I’d be a lot happier
I think my mind is talking to me
If I could be somewhat healthier
I wouldn’t mind a life make-over