Industrial Way

If this world is real, it is pain that you feel
When you inhale, where man prevails
Your last meal, concrete and steel
Now the tar soup, may not appeal
The lungs that you had
Are now fatally sad
A dejected heart in an afflicted body
All that malignant air
We breathe everywhere
Has defeated you
Although cancer is strong, we are treating it wrong
We are what we eat, sluggish poisonous meat
How we treat the disease, how we swallow the pills
Postponing decisions or just turning our head
Do you know what the calf’s fed is that fruit really red?
All the love that you had
Is just left to decay
A religious soul might bring it to the hereafter
But I can’t find the stairs
And a rational blur
is concealing some secret elevator
Now your strenght is gone, your skin arid
your joy is exhausted, and your gaze is dull
It’s almost time to close the lid
All the life that you had
Has now faded away
Ingesting food created for the wealthy
Starving til the last breath,
Supersizing to death
No one stays healthy
If this world is real, It is pain that I feel