And after all that it somehow leads to this,
Through the haze we stumble on missed,
All the fantasies you know we’ll kiss,
All the flowers cut and break the tryst,
The river flows and you know its turns,
And we get the joke and get the gist,
And walk away knowing we can do it,
Here we go, a walk on natures track,
Knowing that the code is don’t look back,
But the tide returns to somehow pull the way,
And all those used to bes can only mend,
When I pull my head out of the house to speak,
With open eyes to life i’m free within,
Oh heart to heart to heart to heart,
Now we know this love does not ever end,
Still we hear them,
In the Stillness,
We can do this,
Into the stillness,
Out into the stillness,
Right into the stillness,
Right into stillness.
Why put all those things away,
Want to walk away,
Make some calls to pave the way,
Want to walk away,
Every moment that we say,
Want to go want to stay,
Today will be the day,
Today is the day,
Come on now...

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