Butterflies in my belly
That’s how it feels when I’m with you
The flowers in the park are blooming
And someone’s singing my favourite tune

Hold on for dear life
Cause this moment might pass me by
It goes over and over again in my mind
That butterfly may take off and fly
Yeah butterflies need to fly most of the time
And when they fly away

Standing on the edge of letting go
These uncharted waters are deeper than what I know
I hold my breath before I jump in
The current is stronger than ever so let’s begin

You and me in a bubble
I couldn’t care less if the world were on fire
People in the streets are fading
And my feet don’t touch the ground

Roll it like a dice (Hold on for dear life)
If you feel the timing is right
It’s the luck of draw, you gamble it all
If that bubble bursts then we both fall
Bubbles tend to burst and when you fall
You fall out of love