A Flame Is Born

There is a spark in the belly of this beast,
Ready to feast on the flames and the heat,
Of this summer… It’s singing your song.

While you remember the police in the streets,
With the teargas flowing, never knowing
If you were gonna spend the night…
With no shoelaces on.

No sleeping, only dreaming
While the bully-boys huddle
‘round a statue in the corner park
And then somebody says… “ain’t nothing wrong”.

That’s when the corners flip
That’s when the flags are torn
That’s when we take the streets
That’s when the flame is born

And there’s a violence to rejection,
And neglect, no respect, no regard
Money tight, means to no end in sight…
The nights are long.

It’s amazing a battalion of lovers still resists,
While so much hate persists,
And parliament’s in session… They’re moving on.

Stay chiseled not carved,
Stay hungry not starved,
Bury the lies of the past
Where they belong… Because love is strong.

It’s when the corners flip
It’s when the flags are torn
It’s when we take the streets
That a flame is born