Chanson pour Ève

Ève was in the walls
She was in your glass
She was all wrapped up into my a-string

Ève got mixed into the grain
And painted into the night
She got herself forgotten
Into everything

Ève was in the pavement
She was on the tip of the pin
She was written into a song
That we did or did not sing

Hey, celle-là
N’est pas pour toi
C’est une chanson pour Ève.

Ève was in the streets
Where all our hearts met
She was walking to the rhythm
Of it all

Ève was in the blast
When the fireworks went
She was dropping to the ground
In a sky fall

Ève was on a barstool
She was talking loud
I can still hear her laughing
And it’s last call

Without a doubt
The hardest part is reaching out
And trying to find
What it is that she left behind