Heart heavy, like lead
cement pound, hard head.
watch me now, in the valley of your dead
judge me forever for what I just said.
Feet to the fire
like punishing a liar
rhythm’s broken out
of the limitless doubt
forget me not, I’m coming in hot
calm the fuck down
you’re hero, my clown.
Like one sees what one sees
psycho diagnostic ink blot
American blind, what a precious spot
Outside the patriotic light beam
slipping slyly through the tear
in the seam, of a flag
draped around a casket
time to find a better racket

My legs hurtin’ me
Yeah I’m running out of time
‘cause we’re running in line
with those who want to strive
and those with the drive
oh me oh my
such casualty’s, now we’re dead
searching for the bread that we cannot eat, ah sheesh
I guess that’s just the way life goes
doors open and close
those who chose
they chose for a reason
I’m a little hot sauce for the season
and when it’s summer time
I’m a focus on the streakin’
not running naked stupid,
my game is on that provin’
and I have proven that you can’t do this
life at times is ruthless,
but we keep it moving
gas pedal no cruising or perusing
steady on perusing while we die a little on the inside
Do this, do that,
there’s a race going on
I’m a win it
for through boom bap
you keep telling me ‘bout your life standards
hit the books and start living round twenty five
stop the pressuring,
want me to do it like this,
me no like that.
Started last, might be the first to party
but I’ll be right back,
step outside of the race
tie up my laces and pick up the pace
judged as a failure but far from the case
Now, don’t tell me I’m out the loot
they’ll try and say your dumb
‘cause you dropped out of school
there’s no race to be won, so get off me
no rushing my flow,
that’s simply not me
It’s all about keeping the pace
reaching a high state
let it take time, it’s worth the wait

Feel like I’m Manga and four foot
I been waiting I’m all good
Follow a Couple Rules
Number 1
Never Play Jenga with George Bush,
You Bound to Lose
Number 2
There is heaven in all hoods
Let’s move on
see it as you may
gemini, the hymn of I is 8
I am great
Mere mortal
they are meeh, more of the same
you cannot compare
I was born in waves like music and
my daughters hair, I swear
To the sound of
my own horn
notes of what I’m proud of
we don’t mourn
but hope is what i’m out of
So sue me
Woo me like rumi
let love pursue me…

There’s always work to be done
buildings to raze, rum to run
there’s just so much work to do
a never ending mystery,without a clue
there’s work up ahead
till the money’s all spent
and we’re all dead