Goddam crusifixed (acoustic)

Don’t think of me while you sing
Don’t think of me while you weep
Don’t worry about me lying awake
Don’t dream of me while you sleep

I know, I know what you’re thinking
You’re thinking that I hate your guts
Well hate’s a strong word
And I’d like you more
If around the edges you weren’t so rough.
Well I know, I know what you’re saying
Even though it’s a little long winded
It’s not as if any law’s been broken
Just a bit bent but now it’s mended.

You know, you know what I mean
I’m not so goddam tightfisted
I said it right, right one time
But the words came out all twisted.

Don’t think of me while you dance
Don’t think of me on your deathbed
Don’t let me break, break your heart
Don’t believe every word that I’ve said

I know, I know how you’re feeling
You know that I can feel it too
You feel like you’re getting wiped away
Like you’re some piece of shit on a shoe…
And it might be true.
Well people get connected, and people get made
Other people got debts that got to be paid
Some people reach out every time they see a flame
Some people like to feel the heat
But they don’t want to take the blame.
People get gone, people disappear
Other people give in to things they fear.
Well now summer is here
And I’m not king of the cross
Yet I feel so goddam crusifixed
Just ‘cause I’m at a loss.
Our daily bread has grown stale,
The dark night has grown pale.

Don’t think of me while you sway
Don’t think of me in my hay-day
Don’t think of me as your guiding star
Don’t remind me of who you are