How It’s Done

Spent all night lifting cars
Said the little punks too
Young to be in the bars
I’ve been full stepping
Full stepping all night
Walking through the streets
Listening to your heartbeat

The twelve peers of France
And the nine worthies
Walk the saint denis strip
Like a trend of zombies
I can see i can see the bloodlines
Bloodlines in the sewers and the stop signs

It’s so loud outside it’s Friday night
You gotta live within the noise
Until the earliest light
I want more tomorrow i want more today
Je ne veux pas perde du temps
Ilya trop a manque

I’ve got a restless heart
Swallowed the Montreal streets
I’ve got to walk the blues
Strolling the concrete teeth
Call the ghetto youth call out to them now
When your money runs out you’ll be asking them how
How it’s done

I’ve gotta get out of bed and give don a call
Move my feet tonight
I want to drop the ball
I can see I can see the skin
Pierced by the prick by the prick of a pin

Just like a cowboy going out to scalp the weak
The handsomest face and a real mean streak
With every expense you’re writing off
There’s teargas in the streets
People have had enough
Call the street people call out to them now
When your stripped of it all you’ll be asking them how
How it’s done