People watch out
Dave’s got a stone, he’s got a sling
And when those words come out
Those killer bees they’re gonna sting
I hear the pain in the refrain
I hear him calling out like me
I hear the same voices in the night
He’s got to feel my d-d-disease

No more jealousy
This rebel cries
This rebel builds without designs
Living and dying separated by
The thinnest of all lines
Living life in black and white
With baby blue eyes that no one sees
Living life in the fade-out
Singing “baby come back
Baby please please please”

No more jealousy

Surrounded by truthful liars
And the mockingly sincere
Tonight all the pickpockets
And shoplifters are here
Trouble escapes
Yeah it runs wild in the streets
All the bullshit in his life
Is no longer d-d-discreet
No more jealousy