Brand New Touch

I got you flowing through my veins
I got you down in the soles of my feet
I can smell you in my hair

I can see you hustlin’ every corner of every street
I feel you at my home
I feel you way out there
You take me places even when we ain’t going nowhere
I said “ooh” you give me a rush
It feels so good
I want to feel your touch

I got you running through my mind
I got you all up in my dreams
I can hear you in the wind
I can feel you coursing through my bloodstream
When I want to sing the Blues
All that comes out is blood red
You understand my every single word
Even those unsaid
I say “ooh” everybody knows you got a hold on me
Baby, open the blinds and let the whole world see
I say “ooh” everybody knows that I’m hooked on you
Baby come here
You make me feel brand new

I said “ooh”
Sometimes it all works out
Sometimes it feels so good
It makes me want to shout