Two Nobodies

Two nobodies talking about nothing
in the middle of nowhere
dreaming about something

No flash no cameras please
unless you think you got the guts
he walks a fine line
all the way up in the motherfucking front
he got battle scars
and he stumble and he slump
nowhere to land
did he fall or did he jump?
He’s a papa now
ticking tocking with time
his own son will one day
be living off his dime
and when it burns so good
all of this is like his flame
and when it’s bad he’s left fading
in the lifelong blame

It’s what he do
he just don’t like to break through
it’s like the concrete teeth
chewing him up from underneath
the weight he can barely stand
the bullshit he can hardly see
he’s trying to branch way out of his family tree
his reality fades
no one will judge him on what’s real
emotions will rearrange
no one will care about how he feel
and when the going get’s good
he moves to the back
it will only take time for his facade to crack