Cut Watch Leave

I’ve been drawn into the day
The sun caught fire again
Things are different, things are strange
When I’ve got nothing to say
And the way you look at me’s so tired
We’ve been wired
Now I’m calling the shots
And the words start paving the way

The plane is taking me to hell
And the gasoline’s burning us well
You know it’s true
The only thing I shouldn’t have done
Was to think of you with someone
Down on your knees
With his head back in a pointless magazine
It’s not what love’s supposed to be
You cut my throat
So watch me bleed
Then leave

We’ve all been lost
I wish someone had told me the plot
When I got caught, yeah, I got caught
Now the bastards are running away
And taking me to hell
The gasoline’s done us well
You know it’s you
There isn’t much I could have done
To prevent us from falling to 1
When we were a 10
The stars were never the end
It’s not how love’s supposed to bend
You cut my throat
So watch me reach the end
I can’t believe I let you break me again