Two-timing woman ain’t she coming
Who’s looking mellow, looking tight
The sun is up, you’re the only thing that gets me burning
The weather’s nice, oh, what a sight!
And I don’t know what you say, but I’m pretty sure that I know what you feel like
I can’t wait another day, hence another night
I wonder if it’s too much asking
For us to get it on, well we just might, we just might
She’s melting down my way, it’s tasteless, tasteless
What I’ve learn to this day is useless, useless
We know that we ain’t much, so come and get me
No, it isn’t worth the fight, we need a miracle tonight
There is no such thing as depending
This is no time to get it right
To nature’s call we ditch it all, and I’ll be up there screaming
We’re all but sinners, we’re all but sinners in the light
These words I cannot say I’m shameless, shameless
This role I cannot play, I’m shameless, shameless
The skies I cannot pray, I’m shameless, shameless
This time I cannot stay… unless