Tough Love

Tough love because care is not enough and passion is just too much
Give me a call and I’ll stand tall, I like it rough
Some people like to beat around the bush
Well it just happens that I know what button to push
So you learn to tell from a man what’s a friend, what’s a foe
What have you got to get from them
Are they some means to an end, are they just say-it-is-so’s
Let me be the one who calls your bullshit
Makes you eat it, sings along, cuts your songs
I love you bro but you are fucking wrong
Who am I to try to be that guy
Who am I when I just want the very best of you, for us to make it high
We either fight our way up to the top or come down swinging
Well I’ve got a thing for pain, some days it drives me insane
What good is it to be alive if I can never scream for change
If it’s good enough, it ain’t fucking worth shit, just tell me how you’ll make it
Billions with their arms up teeth out, and this is just the first bout
Here comes the first of the last blows
Now you thirst for the things you didn’t want to know
There you go, I told you before, you said it ain’t so
Just you tell me how you’re going to make it
When push comes to shove, you’ll miss my tough love