Straight Talker

Take it out on me and then some, you’ve got a million problems, I ain’t one
Tell me something, ain’t it maybe things you chose don’t make you happy
Well I ain’t no victim, I don’t have Stockholm syndrome
Call them now or leave forever, born to keep them up
You’ve got to know, taking it out on me will take you a little further
Different paths for different answers
Taking it out on me won’t bring you any closure
It won’t bring you anything, everybody hides, there comes a time to blindly walk along the edge and trust we’ll never really fall
You’re going to touch the ground and bounce right out
You’ve got to come on here to know what it’s all about
These are not just words, this is everything that’s wrong in this world
Don’t tell to tell or speak to sell, reflect on what is it you’re doing of yourself
You take it out on me, the damage done, you do it to yourself and to nobody else
Speak your mind, speak up and set it free, don’t ever shut your mouth and let them be
Strip it down, defy them consciously, get blinded by the light then you will see
Let them know