Rock Papa

You keep on running circles, we’ll get it on with some old shit from your dad’s hit list
Rock’n’roll is in for your soul so you can bet we’ll play it loud and clean
Lean and mean, we’re a killing twist and shout machine
Young man time stands still for those who know that real stays real
Bring them home, be a man, there’s a million players, we’ll you get out this fucking game
The second time around, you take your god damn aim and hit them in the head
Get it pounding to their hearts cause they ain’t dead
Flames into fire, we’re burning down the flesh so all is left is your desire
You’ll never be the same, once we light you up you’ll never be the same
If you can hear and see I know you’ll love me
I’ve got hammered before, but I’ve never been so smashed, please, no more
You already had me at one-two-three now don’t you dare get to four
I’m going strong, I’m coming back, I love the older black
I’ll do it in a thousand years, no I ain’t stopping here
Now that you know my name, don’t say it in vain
I’ve been sad, I’ve been so full of nothing, now I heard its call it doesn’t hurt at all
Will you play, will you play some rock papa