Release The Lions

There’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing
Growing strong I’m bound to be something, I see the tide is turning
There’s that wind of change, it’s coming
I’m leaving home for you tonight
I’ll nail it down and make this right
There’s but a single option
Get them up, release the lions
Slow and distant, cease the moment
I’ve given up so many times, now you got me thinking
I’ve got to shake things off and make this evening mine
Hey there, hey there little lover is it me your after?
Better take me down, this can’t be more of a disaster
Nothing’s said and done
You go get it, three, two, one
You’re time has come and I am dying to see you trying
You’ve got to get it all together now
To once another call you’ve got to answer
I am patient but no doctor
If you’re always I’ll be never
If you’re always I can’t make you mine