Man On A Mission

I’m fired up, I’m burning
Bring you down and I don’t mind paying
Tell me all you know, for all I care I’m done surviving
You’ve got a way to make me high, I’ve always got it coming
And it’s about damn time that someone dies and we start talking
I ain’t no savior
I ain’t no man on a mission
I’m just like you who settles for reaction
I ain’t no preacher
I ain’t no man on a mission
But I’m aching for some action
Tomorrow never comes when every day you wake up thinking
Another day will make it right
Whatever’s left now that they spent it all, we’ll be taking
It’s up to those who live to fight
I’ve got enough, I’m hurting
I can’t frown if you all keep laughing
Well it goes to show, you can’t spare a minute trying
You’ve got a way to shrug it off, yet it holds on to something
Cause you can’t ignore, you’re pushing back the fall they’ll croak in
I’ll fight
You’ve been enjoying life for way too long
Sink your hands beneath the surface, feel the pain inside
Make it matter
I’ll fight