Make it High

I’ll say it one last time and never after
Let’s make it a night to remember
Sentenced now we’ll serve it later
Come on down, we’ll get together
Let’s hit the town
Let’s see what life looks like when hammered to the sound
Our voices set on fire, we meet our wild desires
And we make it high
We are digging up the hole, then we will lie
And we make it high
The things we say, what we do and where we stand
We’re livin’ lovin’ and
We’re up around the bend
The things I say, what I do and where I stand
The fuck are they to tell me why and when it ends
Tt’s not over ‘til my fucking part is done
‘Til we are one, ‘til we are having fun
And to the morning sun, we’ll rise and shine
Redefine the limitations of design
It cannot break, it cannot break
We’ll stand across this thin white line and gaze upon our time
It never ends, leave and let us be
Let’s see what life looks like, hammered to the sound
And we make it high