Kingdom Comes

Get in the line and shut up
Look at them catching time, you’re never ashamed
You get in the line, and you pray to god that they will let go
They’ll let go of what you became
There’s no one to say when to stop
There’s no one to judge if you’re counting down
And though you see it coming, keep it waiting ‘til we all know
We all know we’re hell bound
We all think
We know what’s right
Tomorrow’s a different day but we’ll die in the same light
When it breaks, and you fall
You will destroy us all, I’m no different I was here before
I’ve seen it coming
This isn’t off-the-wall, no, this is the final call
For now’s the time it settles score, yes it remembers everything
Tonight, the kingdom comes
Tonight our wishful thinking shadows the sun
Stop blowing on that flame you have to let go, just let go of what it reclaims
give it back
Each time the whole world cracks
Turn to the sound of people thinking, keep giving
You’ve got our back against the wall