If A Tree Falls

Better to say that there’s nothing wrong here
I’m just glad I’m alive
I’ve been going down, ain’t you missing something?
No you’re not, you don’t know
Yeah I’ve seen better days but what the fuck have you been doing?
Well, I’ve been messing up the odds, all or nothing keeps me going and surviving
Breaking through those nights and bleeding
I’m up against the wall, I’m up against the wall, I’m up against you
It’s not a question of who you are, cause you know I’ll be lying
You’ve got a lot of nerves, to come up here, and tell me you’ve been waiting
Well here we go again, you are my friend but one and only
You’ve got to understand there’s no one else that wants to know me
Making up and taking calls, spiraling straight into my downfall
There’s nothing else quite like it, there’s no one else quite like me
You’ve got to stop, you can’t quit
We’re climbing up the same tree, and it’s got to come down
Now, look at me and listen, let it go, cause I’ll drive you to the ground
We’re the same but we’re different
I won’t let you waste another minute of my time
There’s not enough left to begin with
And yours more precious than mine