Come Hell

Well I ain’t changing, oh baby, and I ain’t ready to give just what you want from me, you’ll have to earn it for yourself
What a fucking travesty, now look here what you get is what you see
I don’t need no lovesick broad to make it better, better late you learn I’ll never get to be just like you, just take a look at what you do
Nothing, you call for me, I don’t know what you’re all about
You’re lying, you call for me, tell me honey, just get it out, I ain’t waiting for you
All things aside, we’ve had the best of rides, now I can’t do with what you’re asking or this old heart stops beating
Keep me running, that’s right just watch me leaving
Don’t you try and stop me, don’t you stop me, get out of the way
It’s far too late now to mess around, lord I’m about to drown
I might have left the shore for one too many times, this girl is no lifeline
Oh my love, you sink or swim
Let me kiss these eyes goodbye because I won’t be the one who tries and save you from yourself
It seems I’ve seen in you quite someone else, still I love you so but I’ve been dying
I’ve been dying to tell you that I fucking hate you, I do, and I could not care less if what you say is true
say it still, come hell or high water, I won’t ever be another