My brother, it’s sad that you’re dead and gone
I cherish every memory, that’s why I’m writing you this song

You got on the bus, became one of us
And we remained friends, ‘til your very end
The first joint we smoked at the first show we went to
All the great times we had in the good old basement

The moments we shared are forever carved inside my mind
And every day I tell myself if I could turn back time
I’d relive them again, I miss you my friend
I will never forget

When I left the band, I needed a friend
You were there right away, I remember the day
You called and said “come over”, we got drunk together
That’s the last time we spent, around the campfire

I’m so thankful I had the chance to see you that night
Cuz I didn’t know that seven days later you would die
But the promise I made is the promise I kept
I will never forget

My brother, wish I never wrote this song
I cherish every memory, it’s sad that you are dead and gone