Burning Daylight

It has come, well it keeps on coming and I have none
Do you suppose that I have risen to a time of action
Just one, there’s only one million days and one million reasons
If I could get my head together from the pieces that I’ve scattered
Well, I’d be done
Faith is just good excuse for your mistakes
Tales of simpler, easier times, that bullshit that has drowned your mind
You wait, you work it out and make it right
I can see it coming closer, winds of change are getting stronger
Hold on tight, if it’s not getting worst it’s getting better
When it’s late at night I hear it knocking
When it’s late at night I know you’re there
And until the early morning we’ll be running to the spastic pulse of my despair
Curse my life, curse this fucking pain, I’m just a child in chains okay, you come and get me
I’m wide awake, never lived the dream, no, nothing’s what it seems
I know, but I can’t, but I don’t let it go
If I have a come that far I must have been right, I’ll make it through the night
This daylight dwells on every fucking thought, if I could burn it and make peace
Burn it and quit
Dwells on every fucking thought if I could sleep