A Dying Breed

This is the final score, I’m sick of waiting
Will you get me up and running?
Fill me up until I drown, you get me on the ground
God damn, bring it back!
Well, is it all you got?
The time has just arrived, we are done
You got this right?
And through the night / you’ll be thinking to the light i’ll be regretting this one fight / but I don’t care, no I don’t care
I lived it all and like I dream, who gives a fuck about what it means ‘cause when it’s gone
This whole world is coming down
No one you ever loved will give it up to make it better
No one that ever cared will take your hand and raise the other
There is more to what they need, we are a dying breed
Put them up, get them higher, clench your fists and meet your maker
There’s no before, no chance there’s something after
Put them up, get them higher, fuck him up, you make him suffer
There’s nothing else to fight for, now get them tiger
Nothing else to scream for, nothing else to live for, because
This whole world is coming down
I used to wish that I could stay right here and keep on living
Then I came upon a different sky, I saw it coming
I’ve seen a thousand try, I’ve seen a million plead
But just a few succeed, we are a dying breed
You’re getting all you need