The Action

They say we live today
We might not stand tomorrow
Forget the days, bring me the nights, bring me the sights, the sounds, the fights
They say we live today
So we don’t feel so shallow
Painfully gazing at the light
Shining down our severed hands
Igniting everything we stood for, burning up the promised land
What they don’t know
They take their passions and they blow them up the sky
They will stand there, looking up, until they die
But down below
There’s no deception cause we ride their fucking lie, we accept and we respect our destination
We will leave when we are done
I got to say, I do believe in the assumption
That we ain’t much, that all is predetermination
You have to calm down, you can’t decide, just let it vanish in your eyes
Aren’t you brave enough to face what you envisioned?
Enduring the abuse
Passing by the time
Accepting to refuse
Refusing to seduce
Taking back what’s mine
Taking back my muse
Is it worth waiting for?
We are the action
Stop contemplating
Your dream’s a no-show
Stop contemplating
Get down and let go