Wondering about you

When I was just a little girl, I started wondering then I knew
Mom gave me an old faded picture of you
Big dreamy eyes and a slick hairdo
James Dean all over you
Did I ever wonder about you.

Are you the man in the next aisle
At the grocery store
Or the one in the shopping mall
Sitting on the bench.
I keep wonderin’ about you.

When I became a grown up woman
I travelled for a little while
And in that time I made so many friends.
One said she could help me find you
I was in shock and disbelief
Then I thought, this is my chance.


Months later I got a call
Did meet my dad after all
He was the kindest man I could ever meet
So if you want to find someone
Don’t give up hope, it happened to me
Dreams can be real, just wait and see.

So now we walk side by side
In the grocery store
And we go to the shopping mall and sit on the bench.
Now I don’t wonder about you.
Now I don’t wonder about you.

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