That s my plan

As a bright young girl, I was at my best,
safe in my room, with my childhood dreams,
singing along with the beauty queens,
spotlights shining, the crowd joins in.

My heart was telling me, dare to dream, set yourself free
get out there and fill the world with song

That’s My Plan
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
That’s My Plan
I’ll always follow my dreams
That’s My Plan

I got my job and the perfect life,
you’re a lucky girl, that’s what they said
It felt so wrong just goin’ along,
watching my days, drifting past

2ND Pre Chorus
I didn’t care what they’d say, I made up my mind to move on
To get out there and fill the world with song


When the lights are shining in my eyes and I hear you singing along
My wish is wherever we are, we always sing out our song.

Repeat chorus 2x

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