Sweet chevy

Billy is your best automan in town
Got a shop across the tracks
People come from miles around.
Smell of grease when you walk in.
Radio blaring, cars are jacked
Tools are laying everywhere.

Pre chorus: One Saturday while walking Lou’s junkyard
He ran his hand on that old dusty car.

My sweet little Coupe Chevrolet
Four on the floor, she can take your breath away.
Two door style, on that racing mile
My sweet little Chevy Coupe Delray.

The engine finally ran in time.
So many nights of body work
Well she looked mighty fine.
That Chev rolled out with Billy at the wheel
Four new white walls, harbour blue
And sunlight dancin’ off the steel.

BRIDGE: Pullin’ up to his childhood home
His dad looked up when he heard that rumbling tone.
Overcome by memories of his past,
Let’s go cruising, times like these won’t last.

Back to chorus 2X sweet Chevy Coupe DelRay (3x)

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