The home was full but she lived alone
Sunrise, sundown how could she have known
How time has stolen her body and her mind.
When I sang to her travellin’ back in time
For a moment her dreaming eyes met mine.
That’s when I knew her yesterdays came to life.

Music can be the playwright of our lives
Bringing voice to feelings that are deep inside
Many stories we can write
Searching for a place that’s yours or mine.

A mother and child bonded by lullabies
Young lovers claim “hey that’s our song”
Milestones bring true meaning to our lives.
Family songs that echo in our homes
Generations gather and each voice belongs
Music creates the ties that bind us all.


The home was full but she lived alone.
Sunrise sundown how could she have known.
The rhythm of her life was slowing down.
The music held her in her memories.
Family and friends no longer alone
The truth of a life she once knew as her own.

The truth of a life she once knew as her own, tag out.

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