Ginseng baby

Wish I was somewhere other than here.
It’s a necessary thing making money for our dreams
Pulled in all directions, hanging on for resurrection
In my heart, I’m somewhere other than here.

Your faithful lovin’ arms are hard to leave
That morning kiss goodbye, filled with love and laughter.
Fighting midday blues, pick up the phone and hear you.
You’re my perfect boost of energy.

Ginseng Baby, make me a little crazy.
The world seems brighter, my eyes open wider.
Oh baby, when can I kiss you again.


My mind is like an airport all fogged in
All my thoughts are grounded, I just can’t leave.
Superheroes have it made , they can do most anything
If I was one, I’d fly right back to you.

Sometimes, life spins out of control
The world is upside down, but the end it’s you I hold.
Moon and I take the night shift, as we settled down beside you
No doubt, my real job is lovin’ you.


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