Four days of loving him

Last night I met my girlfriends at the bar.
They asked “hey girl! How’s married life so far”
They looked so shocked and surprised
When I said 4 days of paradise
Now listen and I’ll tell you how it goes.

We got married one day way down in the Fall
Four days later he was gone on a workin call
Our lives haven’t been the same since then
Four days of bliss than I pretend
That I, ain’t been missing him at all.

Four days of loving him, such pride to be his wife.
Four days that I can call, a month of married life…
And that’s alright.


With truth and passion we says vows and I do’s
But our lives of love ain’t the same for me and you.
A loving call at bed each night
Two dozen roses when he arrives
Now listen to me girls, that’s paradise.


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