Atlantis (feat. APigeon)

When the moon is rising
And you walk and the wall is gone
When you hear it phasing

When you look behind
Being lift and the fire begon
And you want to be fortified

And you are a fire fly
Fly Fly Fly Fly
Fly Fly Fly Fly

When the moon is calling
And you know that the fear is gone
First time you’re really alive
Jump and the floor is gone
Your’re not left behind
Your’re souls is your foundation

And you’re floating for a while
And you’re floating in 45
And your flow is fortified

And you know you spread it out
And you leard to love right

Go all
Go out

Hold the seas Atlantis for A
And APigeon
You’re on the beat of Beat Market for A

Defining the deep affection for A
You know who you want to be
Be who you want to be

When you rock in the morning sun
Here me rising
Straight in the morning sun
And there’s no more clouds for once

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